Useful and Helpful Links

The mission of the High School Library is to support teachers in planning their curricula and to foster a love of reading and learning in students.  We also encourage promoting the ethical use of information. Teachers are the targeted audience of some of the below listed links, while others are directly aimed at students.

 Animated Cartoons & Comic Strip Creators

Art Websites

Augmented Reality Tales

Book Finder App

Book Trailers

Coding Tools

 College Prep

Communication Tools

Comsewogue Public Library

Copyright Laws and Fair Use Policies

Create Your Own E-Books

Creative Commons Media Resources

Cyber Safety



    Google isn't the only Search Engine

    Grant Writing Resources

    Infographic Tools

    Information Literacy Instruction

     Learning Standards

    MLA Formatting and Citation Guides

    National Archives

    Notable Commencement Speeches

    Open Educational Resources

    Organization Tools


    Presentation Tools

    Privacy and Student Data

    Professional Learners

    Science Databases

    Service and Service Learning Resources

    Subscription Databases

    Test Prep

    Webcomics Platforms

    Website Evaluation