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Art Honor Society

Welcome to the Art Honor Society page!

Advisor: Ms. Melton

Update as of April 6, 2020

  • Open to students in grades 10, 11, and 12

  • Applications due June 1, 2020

  • Teacher recommendations will not be included 

  • Applicants will upload photos of two original artworks 

  • Applicants will need to provide their current GPA and art grade if they are in art. 

  • Ms. Melton has created a Google Classroom page for application, as well as a place to upload the photos. The code for the classroom is: tmi4g6a. This will also be used to show applicants drawings from last year that were used for applications, so they understand the quality of work.

Google Classroom

Join our Google Classroom by entering the code tmi4g6a.